peanut butter dark m&m cookies

It’s the holiday season and you should reserve space for cookies.


I made you some gluten free peanut butter dark m&m cookies. My whole apartment smells wonderful. I just can’t stop eating these cookies which means I don’t have space for lunch or dinner. Well these cookies are lunch and dinner.


I enjoy eating my cookies and watch a movie. You know I’m not a fan of the holiday season because it’s so crowed. I forget some flour which means that I headed to the mall on Saturday eve. It was so full and after two minutes I was absolutely annoyed.


I just bought the flour and went home. Actually I need some Christmas gifts but now I’m thinking about online shopping. You know I think online shopping is weird. You can’t touch the items before which it’s a big problem for me. I always have to touch anything. Yeah I’m weird but maybe I can get over it and order online some stuff.


But back to these cookies.

I love baking. But holiday season cookies always stressed me a bit. There are these beautiful dog rose cookies which I never could make.


I need an easy recipe for easy cookies. You just need 30 minutes to make some peanut butter cookies.


Just mix all ingredients together. Drop dough by tiny tablespoons on baking sheet. Press some dark m&m into and bake for 14 minutes.


Eat the first cookie immediately – be careful it’s hot!


Peanut butter dark m&m cookies

      100 g Butter / Margarine
      75 g braunen Zucker
      1 Ei
      60 g Erdnussbutter
      100 g Reismehl
      40 g Braunhirsemehl
      40 g glutenfreie Haferflocken (Großblatt)
      1/2 TL Natron
      1/4 TL Meersalz
      Dunkle m&m

Den Backofen auf 180 C vorheizen und ein Backblech mit Backpapier belegen.

In einer Schüssel die Butter mit dem Zucker cremig rühren. Die Erdnussbutter unterrühren. Die Mehlsorten, Haferflocken, Salz und das Natron in einer Schüssel gut mischen und in die Zuckermischung rühren. Das Ei hinzugeben, nochmals kräftig umrühren, bis alle Zutaten gut vermengt sind.

Mit zwei Eßlöffeln kleine Teighäufchen formen und diese auf das Backblech geben. Genug Abstand zwischen den Klecksen lassen, damit die Kekse beim Backen nicht zusammen kleben.
In die Teighäufchen nach Belieben m&m drücken.

Die Kekse ca. 14 Minuten backen. Auf einem Rost auskühlen lassen und in einem luftdichten Container aufbewahren.

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